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Would you love to be able to relax and experience God’s peace that surpasses all understanding, regardless of the circumstances of this world?

If so, you’ve come to the right place because the Peace Secured Study is the challenge you’ve been looking for, filled with all the grace you need to take you from fear and worry to faith and WOO-HOO!!

 Jesus promises us His peace – a true peace that is not subject to our circumstances.

In the grace-filled pages of this life-changing study for Christian women, I’m going to show you that YOU CAN have God’s promised peace that surpasses all understanding!


Peace Secured is for the woman who would love to…

  •  fully embrace God’s truth and peace in her life.

  •  exchange reflexive, self-defeating reactions for healthy God-honoring interactions in all of her relationships.

  •  walk confidently in all of God’s promises.

  • develop a life-changing understanding and trust in God’s purpose for her life.

  •  break free from negative core beliefs (yes, we all have them) that are not serving her.

  • grow a closer relationship with Jesus.

  • trust and understand God’s purpose for her life.

A Short Message From Renee!

I’m Renee White – Christian Life Coach and Author and Creator of the Peace Secured Study for Christian Women.
I help Christian women, just like you, build a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord, and the Peace Secured Study for Christian Women is one of the ways that I love to do that!

The Peace Secured Study for Christian Women

Renee has been so very helpful and supportive as I go through the journey of overcoming fear and anxiety. The Peace Secured Study has given me great insight and biblical tools to use to help. I’m grateful for Renee and her spiritual guidance in my life!


Friend, none of us should settle for less peace than Jesus promises us. But with so much extra tension and anxiety, it seems that even believers are struggling to stay focused on Christ and His peace.

But if you’re anything like me, and I’m guessing you are because you’re here, then you don’t want to settle for less peace than Jesus promised you.

And, as Christian women, we know there is so much more to this life than scrolling through Facebook, wondering who is going to get offended next, right?

This is exactly why I created the Peace Secured Study for Christian Women!

I’m so very thankful for Renee!
God has gifted her with love, compassion, discernment, and dedication to truth that allows Renee to meet each woman right where they are at, without excuses, blame, or shame. This environment is perfect for facilitating growth in the life of any woman dedicated to seeking a closer walk with Jesus! I know this first hand, as God has used Peace Secured and private coaching with Renee to build my faith, expand my understanding, and embrace God’s love and healing in my life.


These days even Christians are struggling to stay in a place of peace and joy.

We know the Lord, we know where our hope is and we know that God is in control…  but these uncertain times can leave us feeling off course and struggling to focus on God and His promises.

Friend, it is possible to be at peace, regardless of the circumstances of this world.

It starts with understanding how to break free from stress and anxiety while building a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ.

Why I do what I do…

I understand what it’s like to feel blessed and yet still struggle with anxiety, stress, and fear. In fact, it was only four years ago when, just like you, I realized that if something didn’t change, if I didn’t get a grip on my anxiety and my fears I was never going to live the life my heart so desired.

That’s when the Lord began an incredible work in my life…

The Lord showed me how our wounds from the past, even clear back to childhood, have a way of embedding themselves deep within us. And let me assure you that these stowaways have no intention of getting off at the next stop. Instead, they fully intend to ride out our lives, deep within us. 

Many of us don’t even know we are still carrying these painful souvenirs and so we don’t recognize the havoc they are playing out in our relationships, including our relationship with the Lord. 

Girl with baggage

I was blown away when the Lord began showing me how much baggage I was carrying around—a heavy load weighing down my soul. Things that I didn’t know I’d been packing around for years.

And the passions and dreams that I used to have had been smothered by my internal baggage, (which I call heart-clutter) for so long that I no longer recognized them.

Where I had once felt excitement towards life, I found myself feeling something different.


Maybe you can relate…

  • Some days it felt like discontentment.

  • Some days it felt like frustration.

  • Some days it felt like emptiness.

  • Some days it felt like impatience.

  • Some days it felt like loneliness.

  • Other days it felt like anxiety and fear.

  • And then there were the days it just kinda felt like failure.

Baggage…we don’t love that word, do we?


 But the truth is we all have baggage. Every one of us is carrying around some painful souvenirs from living in this fallen world. Guilt, shame, fear, anger, and unforgiveness, to name just a few.
None of us even make it through childhood without picking up some baggage, much less our teen and adult years.

But here’s the thing that I cannot wait to teach you about the baggage we carry. It’s not truth, it’s full of lies!

And these lies wreak havoc on all of our relationships, most importantly our relationship with Jesus. Everything we hear, see, and learn is filtered through our internal baggage. This is how Satan loves to distort our reality, our understanding and our peace.

The baggage I was carrying affected my outlook on everything. But once the Lord began removing those burdens I was able to experience incredible life-changing peace, joy, and success.

I went from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and just plain burned out to living the life I have always dreamed of, including running my own business!

My life was radically changed by the truths God was showing me, and yours can be too!

When I say life-changing, I am not exaggerating, friend. When you learn how Satan uses your internal baggage to keep you in a constant cycle of stress, anxiety, fear and guilt, it is truly going to change your life.

As the Lord taught me what it means to stop believing the internal lies I had been falling for, and then showed me how to replace those lies with His truths, I found so much peace and joy and my success is no longer subject to my circumstances! What an incredible blessing!

To this day, I continue to be amazed at all the Lord taught me through what has now become the Peace Secured Study for Christian Women.

This is why YOU are here!

I created Peace Secured to equip you in your walk with the Lord, free you from stress and anxiety, energize your faith and encourage you in your personal growth towards living the life your heart desires!

Here’s what’s included in the Peace Secured Program…

The Thirteen Video Core Program

Each instructional video gives you biblical teaching, encouragement, and motivation to prepare you for the corresponding chapter in your Companion Guide. Picture you and I chatting about incredible life-changing truths that are going to take you from a place of stress and anxiety to a place where you are living the life your heart desires – only I’m on video instead of at your cozy kitchen table. 😉

Peace Secured Companion Guide

This Companion Guide is packed with over 180 pages of life-changing biblical truths and real-life application. You will gain an understanding of God’s promise of peace and how that peace absolutely applies to your life, while also learning the life-changing keys to breaking free from stress and anxiety so that you can live the incredible life God has planned for you.

Friend, I lived out this Companion Guide while I was writing it. I promise you that I am not exaggerating when I say, “life-changing”!

Peace Secured Prayer Book

If you are anything like me, it’s important to you to know that you are praying within God’s will. This Prayer Guide is packed with prayers that correspond with each chapter of the Companion Guide. Each prayer in the Prayer Guide is taken directly from scripture so that you can know you are praying within God’s will.

Bonus: List of Negative Core Beliefs

Negative Core Beliefs are the subconscious beliefs that we hold to be true about ourselves, other people and the world. These deep-rooted beliefs determine to what degree we believe we are valued, loved, successful, capable and competent. This Bonus is going to help you to identify the Negative Core Beliefs that you carry. This is awesome, because once I help you identify your negative core beliefs, I am going to teach you exactly how you can break free of those lies forever! 💜💜

Bonus: Challenging Your Negative Core Belief Rules

We all carry some Negative Core Beliefs. (most likely from childhood) You are going to learn all about Negative Core Beliefs and how destructive they are to every one of your relationships including your relationship with Christ. But do not despair, because I am also going to teach you exactly how you can break free from these internal peace robbers and this bonus activity is one of the awesome tools that will help you to do just that.

Bonus: Core Values Exercise

It is crucial that we live within our Core Values. (not to be confused with Negative Core Beliefs) Your Core Values are your beliefs and convictions that determine all of your decisions in life. They are the root of what you believe is right and wrong. They are the essence of who you are. When we try to live outside of our Core Values we find ourselves unsatisfied. I am going to teach you how to identify your Core Values, and then make sure that you are living life within them. This one is life-changing too, friend!

Bonus: Sin Nature Assessment

As a Christian, you know that we humans have a natural inclination to sin. But what you may not know is that each one of us have a particular lust pattern within our sin nature. This means that Satan knows how to tailor his bait especially for you. There are three different lust patterns (the same three that we see all the way back in the Garden of Eden) There’s nothing new under the sun, my friend. 😉 However, gaining awareness of your own lust pattern is going to be a game changer for you. No longer will you fall for Satan’s bait when it comes to sin.

A Special Gift For You

Because, who doesn’t love getting gifts, right?? 💜


I am so grateful that God rooted out the burdens I was carrying because having gone through that life-changing process enables me to teach other women everything I have learned through real practical application, grace and empathy—not simply book knowledge. 

Women like YOU are why I do what I do.

God’s amazing grace in my own life allows me to relate to the women I work with, in so many incredible ways.

The Lord blessed me through His life-changing grace and truths and now I am spending my life helping other women find the incredible freedom, peace, and joy that I have found through understanding God’s truths about His peace in our lives.

I want YOU to be one of those women!

Renee White has a God-given talent, coupled with professional training, that provides her with the ability to coach and guide women through some tough daily battles as well as knowledge, wisdom, and perception. The Christian advice she gives along with the tremendous practical help is valuable to use, not only for the moment but for further help that can be drawn on.


Here are just a few of the incredible blessings you are going to get from the Peace Secured Study…

  • a clear understanding of God’s purpose for His peace in your life, regardless of the circumstances of this world.

  • the keys to waking up every day with all that you need to accomplish exactly what the Lord has for you that day.

  • a clear understanding of how the Lord is using your circumstances to draw you closer to Him.

  • learn how to identify, understand, and then break free from Negative Core Beliefs (yes, we all have them) that are driving your stress, fears, and anxiety

  •  the truth about God’s purpose and plan for your emotions.

  • the keys to living a life where sin no longer has power over you

  • how and why you can experience true freedom when you are willing to bring everything (leaving nothing behind) to the Lord.

  • how and why you can break free from the pitfalls of self-absorption so that the Lord can bless you with the desires of your heart.

  • what it means to be in fellowship with the Lord and how that fellowship will keep you in His peace.

  • how and why you, as a Christian, have access to a peace that will free you from stress and anxiety for good!

  • increase your trust in the Lord in ways that allow you to willingly place yourself and your life fully in His hands.

  • why and how you can live a life where sin no longer has power over you.

  • why and how your story and your grace gifts will become your incredible ministry to others.

The Peace Secured Study is the challenge you’ve been looking for, filled with all the grace you need!

Peace Secured guides and focuses our attention back to the priceless relationship we have with our creator who designed us to love, honor, praise, and glorify Him with all of our lives. Peace Secured will open your eyes to the life God has so designed for us to live. A life lived with purpose, hope, and peace in Him.


Again, here’s what you get with the complete peace secured package…

  • 13 Teaching Videos

  • Peace Secured Companion Guide (hard copy and downloadable copy)

  • Peace Secured Prayer Guide (hard copy and downloadable copy)

  • Access to a certified Christian Life Coach for any questions you have as you go through the study.

  • Negative Core Beliefs Bonus

  • Challenging Your Negative Core Beliefs Bonus

  • Understanding Your Sin Nature Bonus

  • Core Values Bonus

  • A special gift for you 💜

The thirteen modules in Peace Secured include:

Module 1: The Lord of Peace

Module 2: New Every Morning

Module 3: Near to the Brokenhearted

Module 4: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Module 5: Deceitful Above All Things

Module 6: Resist the Devil

Module 7: Be Anxious for Nothing

Module 8: Set Your Mind on Things Above

Module 9: Thy Will Be Done

Module 10: Seek First the Kingdom

Module 11: With All Your Heart

Module 12: No Longer a Slave

Module 13: Freely You Have Received; Freely Give

The Peace Secured Study + Coaching, will bring you to a place of freedom from stress and anxiety, show you how to nurture your intimate relationship with Christ, and equip you to bless this world in your own beautiful way.

Because this world needs you!

I know that Peace Secured will be a life-changing experience for you but I also want you to feel safe to see for yourself. That is why I am covering you with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Sweet woman, you have nothing to lose and you have a lifetime of peace to gain!

You, dear woman, CAN have incredible joy and life-changing peace, starting today!

Let’s get you started!

Peace Secured is a great study to achieving peace, true peace. What a tool to have handy anytime you are facing things. I highly recommend this study to every woman. It will help change your life by getting rid of baggage that you don’t want, and by renewing your mind in the ways of God. If you are struggling in any area, this study can and will help. I encourage you to register for the study.


When you order Peace Secured today, you will get instant access to the Complete Peace Secured Program so that you can get started immediately!

But if you’re like me and you prefer to wait for the hard copies of your books, you can rest assured because your books and your gift will be mailed to you immediately.

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